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Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society Medical College & General Hospital, Rajpipla is a newly established medical college under the umbrella of Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society of Government of Gujarat. It is situated in Rajpipla, the capital city in the district of Narmada, embracing the holy river Narmada. The GMERS Medical College, Rajpipla begins its journey by saying, ‘त्वदीय पाद पंकजम नमामि देवी नर्मदे !’, meaning, ‘Oh holy river Narmada, we bow down to you !’ 

The district of Narmada is one of the two aspirational districts in the state of Gujarat. Rajpipla carries the legacy of being royal princely state for hundreds of years. Geographically, it is situated near the south-central Gujarat, with the Satpura range in the South and Vindhyachal range in the North. It is situated at an elevated height of average 148 meters. The area of Shoolpaneshwar wildlife and forest is nearby Rajpipla. The district of Narmada has population of approximately 700000 as per the 2021 census, situated in the 5 talukas of Nandod, Sagbara, Dediapada, Tilakwada and Garudeshwar. Around 46% population live in the hilly forest areas with difficulty in accessing health care. There is a huge population of tribal and underprivileged people in this region approximating around 85%. Many of these areas are remote and inland, making it difficult to easily access distantly situated cities of Vadodara and Surat. Rajpipla is easily accessible to the bordering state of Maharashtra in around 80 km. Thus, GMERS Medical College and General Hospital Rajpipla is a boon for all the people of Rajpipla and surrounding cities and states.

The tallest statue of the world, the ‘Statue of Unity’, is situated only 25 km away from Rajpipala.  It attracts large number of tourists and even delegates from different fields across the world. GMERS Medical College and General Hospital Rajpipala is the most important nearest and largest tertiary care facility in the entire district to provide any kind of specialist and emergency health services, in case of need to any of these visitors. 

The GMERS Medical College, Rajpipla is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical education and training to the students. It thrives to achieve excellent academic standards with support of learned faculties. Involvement in extracurricular activities like sports, cultural events, literature, fine arts and nature are encouraged here to have wholesome approach to learning. With excellent foundation course for the very first batch, the college has already made its mark in the field of medical education. The college is aiming at providing ample opportunities in the field of Medical research.The college is also ensuring to meet all the expectations of the National Medical Council. The holistic teaching in an optimum atmosphere is the norm at this college. The knowledge and skills gained during the time at this college will prepare the students to become compassionate, competent, and confident medical professionals. 

The establishment of GMERS Medical College, Rajpipla is a major step to uplift the health and education of the people of the district of Narmada and to generate great economic and social opportunities for the people within and nearby. GMERS Medical College, Rajpipla is a new identity for the city of Rajpipla and for the district of Narmada.

We welcome all the enthusiastic medical teachers and prospective students to come and experience teaching learning and live your dreams at GMERS Medical College, Rajpipla !